The top 5 health benefits of milk

You love it blended in milkshakes. The kids beg for it each morning. Dairy milk is simply part of our lives! That's a good thing because this refreshing beverage contains valuable nutrients.

Whether you pour milk on cereal each morning or use it for the base of your favourite creamy soup recipe, you're making a smart choice. The nutrients found in milk, such as protein and calcium, can be beneficial for our bones, heart, and muscles. Now, let's dig a little deeper into the nutritional value of milk from dairy cows.


Milk is rich in calcium. In addition to supporting bone health, calcium from dairy milk may help prevent bone disease, such as osteoporosis, as we age. When combined with vitamin D, calcium is even more powerful. Choose milk fortified with this essential vitamin.


Milk contains potassium. An increase in this nutrient in our diets may help maintain healthy blood pressure. Combine potassium-rich cow's milk with bananas, oranges, and spinach in a smoothie, and you're well on your way to reaching the daily recommendation of potassium.


Milk helps build muscle. The protein found in cows' milk is packed with essential amino acids to support muscle development, growth, and repair. We'll drink to that milk nutrition!


Milk is a source of B vitamins. In particular, vitamin B12 which helps with a very important task: the production of red blood cells in the body. Vitamin B12 is a nutrient of concern for vegetarians, and is obtained primarily from animal products, like milk, unless fortified foods or supplements are used. Whole food nutrition is another reason to love milk again! 


Milk can accommodate a variety of dietary needs. Whether you prefer the creaminess of whole milk or the lighter nonfat version, there's milk for you.  We love using  2% or 3.25% in more indulgent recipes, like homemade crepes.

All dairy milk from cows provide these valuable benefits, so drink up! If you shy away from enjoying milk due to potential stomach discomfort, consider trying a2 Milk™ . a2 Milk™ is from cows that naturally only produce the A2 protein, research suggests that this milk may help some people avoid discomfort. Ready to give it a try? 

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